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Is your store open now?  What about 2nd Saturday Art Walk?

Yes, we are open for business!  Our store hours are Tu-Sa 10-4; Su 11-2

On the 2nd Saturdays of each month we are open 5-9p. 

Are masks required?

Masks are not required, although we, the Tea Cozy staff,  will still be wearing masks in the shop. If you would like a mask, we have disposable masks available. 

Can I find Parking?

There is street parking on R Street and the surrounding streets. There is also 15 minute loading zone space in front of ARTHOUSE doors.  It's the perfect spot to run in to pick up your prepaid order.

What's a tea cozy?

Tea cozies are insulating covers for teapots to keep your tea piping hot.  

It is often made of fabric or knit or crocheted.  The cover can look like a toaster cover that slips over your teapot, or it might be a 'pot-hugger' style that stays wrapped around the teapot. Sometimes they are cute and whimsical.

Tea cozies can be used to update your tea table by using one made from themed or seasonal fabric.

Do you carry tea cozies?

Yes we do.  Our selection varies, so please ask for photos

REGARDING Health & Safety

  Face masks are not required.

   Tea Cozy staff will wear masks, but it is not required for our customers.

    If you would like a face mask, disposable masks will be available.

   Signatures are not required on credit card transaction.s

   Hand sanitizer will be available as you enter and leave the store or the building.

If you have any questions or comments, send us an email.

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