Complete series of 10 classes


Classes held at Tea Cozy 

Please arrive early to find parking and change into class attire.

Light refreshment will be offered.


Class 1 Green Tea 

Class 2: Oolong Te (Tie Guan Yin, Oriental Beauty or Dan Cong)

Class 3: Puer   (Yunnan Red)

Class 4:  Black Tea  

Class 5:  Brewing with two teapots   (Oolong)

Class 6:  Body movement/ Tea Snacks

Class 7:  Tea Kettles

Class 8:  Teapots

Class 9:  Tea Cups

Class 10  Tea Table


"Art of Tea" 10 class series

  • Please allow time to find parking and change into tea class attire which will be provided.


    Light tea refreshment will be provided before class.


    Due to the delicate aroma and taste of teas, please be aware of body odor and not wear fragrance.


    Please note that classes are non-refundable.

    If you miss a class, the class can be made-up when the next series of classes begin.

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