We've put together the 'Filter in Bottle' tea brewer by Hario with some of our most popular iced tea blends:

Mango organic a popular mango flavored black tea

Green Powerfruit a green tea with blueberry, gojiberry, pomegranate flavor

Fruition organic herbal tea: Strawberry, rose hip and hibiscus herbal blend


To cold brew: Add 8 teaspoons (or about 2-1/2 T) of tea into the glass, add water and replace lid.  Place bottle in the refrigerator overnight.


Alternatively, you can use another teapot to brew the hot tea (use 2-3 teaspoons per cup).  Steep 4-5 minutes.  Strain tea leaves or pour into this bottle half way.  Fill the rest of the way with ice.


Pour into ice filled cups.

Iced Tea Brew and Tea Selection

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