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Honoring Tea Time

Tea time is an integral part of the day--after lunch and before dinner, right when you need a little lift. 


Today, a personal tea time is needed more than ever!  With Covid-19 Coronavirus causing us to shelter in place.  We are working from home, home-schooling, worrying about groceries and toilet paper, worried about breathing and touching's stressful!  


Tea, as a beverage and as an event, can help mentally and physically bring ease to the day.  The process of taking tea:  drawing water for the kettle, listening for the water to reach the proper temperature; carefully measuring the tea, all bring a sense of order.  Then a sense of relaxation when sitting with a warm cup in your hand, breathing in the aroma of the tea,  Aaah. It's what we need to do.  Taking the time to do this will help give our bodies a little respite so we can carry on with our day with a little more grace and energy.

Cheers to tea!

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