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Matcha is a powdered green tea that is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremony where a bamboo whisk is used to create a frothy green bowl of tea. Nowadays, the unique taste of matcha is enjoyed hot and cold, as a latte, in smoothies, ice creams, and in all sorts of savory and sweet dishes. Matcha is made from tea leaves that have been shaded before harvesting. In addition, the stem portion is removed. The processed leaves are stone ground in small batches. Matcha has a unique smooth, fresh green taste that is sweet and savory (umami).

We offer Matcha in ceremonial grade, culinary grade and loose leaf blends.

matcha is harvested in the spring and has a milder, smooth taste that is appropriate to drink on its own.
Best prepared in a bowl with a whisk

We have 2 green tea blends that contain matcha.  They are both highly recommended. The Yuzu Matcha Kukicha, in particular, is a staff favorite. The blends are easy to brew and do not need a whisk.
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