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Avatar: The Last Airbender Inspired Teas

The Flavors of the Four Nations
Flavors from the Four Nations is a collection of teas inspired by the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender 

Collection Includes 

  • "Flaming Fireflakes" - A spicy treat inspired by the Fire Nation

  • "Healing Waters" - An herbal remedy inspired by the Water Tribe

  • "Beifong Blend" - A rich earthy cup inspired by the Earth Kingdom

  • "Nomadic Meditation" - A light fruity delight inspired by the Air Nomads

  • "Avatar State" - A bold blue energetic blend inspired by the Avatar

  • "Jasmine Dragon Tea House Special" - A classic blend inspired by the tea connoisseur Iroh

  • "White Lotus Blend" - A distinguished floral blend inspired by the Order of the White Lotus

  • "My Cabbages!" - A sour surprise inspired by the cabbage merchant we all know

White Lotus Tea Treasury

This is the premier collection that features 61 individually packaged teas to accompany each episode.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Inspired Teas
Individual Blends

Have a favorite blend or nation?  You can purchase 1oz bags of any of the 8 blends from the Flavors from the Four Nations collection

Thank you to these talented an passionate artists for sharing

Tea Cozy with your fans!

Credit and thank you to Linda Walker, Tea Cozy manager extraordinaire whose creativity and passion for ATLA and tea brought the two together to create these collections.  Thank you also to the whole Tea Cozy Team, past and present, who came together and took on additional roles to support Linda.

Thank you also to Marly Berg, Octavia Herbert, Daniel Houck (SacAnime), Donte (EarthNation) and Lindsey Dillon (The Mud Peddlers), the Momos and The Appas Podcast Team for your support. Other collaborators include artists David Tercero for compendium cover art, Monica of Ca Laser Engravers, Michael Thao (original wooden pai sho tiles). And a huge thank you to Michaela J Murphy so including us in the rewatch

Future projects will be happening soon!  Please follow us on IG @TeaCozy_Arthouse for the latest updates. Thank you to all of you for your support and allowing us to share tea in new and creative ways!

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Avatar: The Last Airbender REACTION

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Join Michaela Jill Murphy as she rewatches Avatar: The Last Airbender whilst drinking tea from our White Lotus Tea Collection. All in anticipation of the live action that will be premiering in early 2024.

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The Momos and The Appas Podcast

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If you are an Avatar the Last Airbender fan, or are interested in learning more about this series, check out 'The Momos and The Appas'

Here's a link to The Momos and The Appas episode on Spotify featuring Tea Cozy manager, Linda:

Unboxing  Video (1st Edition)

Earth Nation
2nd Edition Cups

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