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Mountain Range


The White Lotus Tea Treasury

We want to thank our contributors, loyal customers, and especially interested customers with a special presale. We thank you for your patience and interest in our Avatar inspired tea collection!
Thank you to all of our partners involved in the process! 

The response to the original release has been amazing!


Check out the videos by Earth Nation and @LindseyMDillon to get an up-close view of the White Lotus Tea Treasury and a preview of the cups especially created for us/you! 

The Flavors of the Four Nations
If the White Lotus Tea Treasury collection is too much for you, no worries! We have a smaller collection available for you. This smaller box will be available for presale shortly after the White Lotus Tea Treasury. Please contact us if you prefer the smaller option. 
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If you are an Avatar the Last Airbender fan, or are interested in learning more about this series, check out 'The Momos and The Appas'

Here's a link to The Momos and The Appas episode on Spotify featuring Tea Cozy manager, Linda:
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