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Avatar: the Last Airbender Inspired Tea Blends!These blends were once exclusive to the Flavors of the Four Nations collection.


Each bag contains approximately 1 oz of tea yielding 8-12 cups.

If you are looking for a larger quantity of a singular tea please email us at


Tea varities:

Beifong Blend - Earth Kingdom Blend

Organic pu-erh tea from China has a distinctively deep earthy taste.


Flaming Fireflakes - Fire Nation Blend

Blend of spices in a smoky black tea fits the Fire Nation. 


Healing Waters - Water Tribe Blend

An herbal blend that has hints of healing aloe and mint.


Nomadic Meditation - Air Nomad Blend

An herbal blend of cherry, coconut and kiwi reminiscint of fruit pies of the Air Nation


Raava Blend - Avatar State Blend

Rare white tea gives mental clarity.   Butterfly blue pea flowers give a deep blue color like the Avatar State.


Jasmine Dragon - Iroh's Signature Blend

High quality jasmine scented tea.  Signature two- leaves and a bud are scented and then rolled into a round ball resembling a pearl. 


White Lotus Blend - Secret Society Blend

Rare white tea combined with chrysanthemum blossoms. The chrysanthemum lends relaxing qualities to the caffeinated white tea which gives clarity and energy.


My Cabbages! - Cabbage Merchant Blend

High quality Taiwanese oolong combined with cabbage-shaped hops flowers.  The hops flowers also lend a bitter taste that reminds us of the overturned cabbage cart.


If you are looking for the collection of all 8 blends together in a smaller portion (approx .3oz)  you can find that here:

Avatar: The Last Airbender Inspired Tea Blends

PriceFrom $10.00
  • We have a few alternate labels for Beifong Blend & Healing Waters

    The tea is the same as with the original label and ingredients are listed

    These alternate labels were created for Sac Anime exclusively and there are only a few of these (not pictured)

    If you order either of these teas and see the label is different please know the tea is the same.

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