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Mugicha is the quintessential taste of Japanese summer. Aromatic, lightly sweet, and with a delicious nutty flavor, this is the first tea people reach for when trying to cool off. Until now, this tea has been hard to find for tea houses and restaurants across the US, which is why we’re so proud to start carrying it.


Typically served cold, this drink is the go-to refreshment in Japan during the hot and humid summer months. Between June and September, there isn't a Japanese household without a pitcher of Mugicha in the fridge. And, as a nutritious and naturally caffeine-free tisane made from roasted barley, it's suitable for people of all ages, including children. Easy to make and easy to enjoy, Mugicha is the perfect addition to your summer tea lineup.



Gluten Content Information: Our Mugicha is made from a species of barley that is naturally very low in gluten called Rokujou Oomugi, also known as "Six-Row Barley" in English. The FDA has determined that 20ppm of gluten is the threshold for what is safe for people with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. While our Mugicha cannot be labeled as "gluten-free", the gluten content is 17ppm, which is below this threshold.


Mugicha - Japanese Barley

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