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Due to popular demand,  another edition of the Flavors of Four Nations Tea Collection is available


What is the Flavors of the Four Nations Collection?

The manager of Tea Cozy and the Tea Cozy team worked on this project for over a year, analyzing each episode in the Avatar:The Last Airbender series from Nickelodeon. The team examined key elements that identified cultural, emotional, and theatrical themes in the series and reflected those elements in these inspired curated tea blends.


The Flavors from the Four Nations Collection contains 8 core blends inspired by the animated series. Four blends reflect the four elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

Connect yourself to the world around you with these fantastic blends. The other four blends in this collection are inspired by characters and recurring themes in Avatar the Last Airbender. Not familiar with the Avatar the Last Airbender series? We encourage you to check out our White Lotus Tea Treasury - a box set of teas you can enjoy while watching each episode of the series.


Whether you are a fan of A.T.L.A. already or not, these teas will certainly captivate you.

The Flavors of the Four Nations includes:

* 8 curated blends inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender:

"Flaming Fireflakes" - A spicy treat inspired by the Fire Nation

"Healing Waters" - An herbal remedy inspired by the Water Tribe

"Beifong Blend" - A rich earthy cup inspired by the Earth Kingdom

"Nomadic Meditation" - A light fruity delight inspired by the Air Nomads

"Avatar State" - A bold blue energetic blend inspired by the Avatar

"Jasmine Dragon Tea House Special" - A classic blend inspired by the tea connoisseur Iroh "White Lotus Blend" - A distinguished floral blend inspired by the Order of the White Lotus

"My Cabbages!" - A sour surprise inspired by the cabbage merchant we all know

* Tea scroll that includes detailed information on each tea blend



All of these blends are included in the White Lotus Tea Treasury.

The Flavors from the Four Nations Collection

  • This box contains tea blends that have various nuts and fruit such as:
    Coconut, Almond, Chocolate, Dairy, Strawberry, Kiwi and more
    While each blend is packaged separately we do package our teas in a small area where cross contamination may be possible.
    We have a full ingredients list available soon.
    If there is an allergen you are concerned about being included inside the collection please email us at:

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