New Teas, Products, and Offerings

Iced Tea Packs

It's hard to beat a refreshing glass of iced tea, especially during the Sacramento summers. Iced teas can be enjoyed year 'round and are a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and juices. 

We've created a selection of iced tea bundles that include our favorite blends for iced tea. Each bundle has a special blend only available in these iced tea bundles.  Each Iced Tea Package includes 3 teas that will make 1 gallon each. 

If you do not have a way to brew iced tea, we recommend the Filter in Bottle for $29.33 (includes sales tax). However,for a limited time, we are offering large paper filters which easily hold 1oz of tea. 5 filters for $1.  You can add on as an option.

Choose between Green Tea, Black Tea or Herbal. 

Green Tea Pack $10
  • Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival-organic,
  • Moroccan Mint-organic
  • Juicy Fruit

Juicy Frui

Black Tea Pack $10

  • Peach

  • Darling Darjeeling

  • Tropical Mojo

Herbal Tea Pack 
  • Change of Heart
  • Eve's Temptation- organic 
  • Just Peachy

New Teas

We are excited to have 3 new teas!  They are all fabulous.

From China:  Monkey Picked Oolong. This beautiful Oolong has creamy body with orchid floral notes that lingers. We steeped this 3 times getting the most floral notes in the second steeping. This Monkey Picked Oolong is from 2019.

From Taiwan: Early Spring Jade Oolong. Another first picking of the season.This Taiwanese oolong has a fresh green taste reminiscint of asparagus. We were able to get 3 infusions from this tea and could have probably steeped again.

From Taiwan: Guava Oolong. This is a fun and delicious tea that's a great value too! It will make a great iced tea!

Revised hours 

Tea Cozy  re-opened June 9th along with our ARTHOUSE neighbors Arareity, RiverCity Marketplace, Rumpelstiltskin and Sparrow Gallery. ARTHOUSE hours are Tu-Sa 10-4 until further notice.

Per Gov Newsome's directives, face masks are required while in ARTHOUSE and our individual shops. We are allowing 2 guests in the shop at one time and have markings on the floor to help maintain social distancing.

Tea Cozy is rearranged also. Our staff will be happy to assist you by showing and recommending products.  We want to make sure that you and others are safe. Please note some of the protocols we are practicing here: Covid-19

Online sales available for shipping, in-store pick up, or curbside pick up.

We will fulfill orders as fast as we can.

To ensure your order is ready, please give us  1-2 working days to prepare your order.

Shop hours are Tu-Sa 10-4. 

Curbside Delivery available 

Fri-Sat 10-4.

Open Tu-Sa  10-4
You can also place online order and specify curbside pickup which is available Fri & Sat 10p-4p


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